The Constitution

At the December 1986 meeting the informal group of people who had met at the Devonshire Royal Hospital agreed to make this a formal Self Help group.  The winner of the competition to choose our name was announced as Leigh White, with HIGH PEAK DIABETIC SELF HELP GROUP.  Other names were all well received and the entrants thanked for their efforts.

The following constitution was agreed upon:


  1. The group will be available to anyone who wishes to join.
  2. Members will meet each month, with extra meetings and activities as required.
  3. The committee will consist of President, Chairman, Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and three other members. A committee meeting quorum is three people.
  4. The Officers/ Committee members will be elected annually.
  5. All money belonging to the organisation shall be paid, by the Treasurer, into a current or deposit account in the name of the organisation, at a bank to be named by the group. Cheques issued on behalf of the organisation shall bear the signature of two of the three appointed Officers.
  6. The notice of the Annual General Meeting will be given at least one month in advance.
  7. In the event of the group closing, any and all assets will be given to the British Diabetic Association.

Signed R. Weston, Chairman,   E.W. Parker, Treasurer,  S.P.Barber, Secretary, S. Larman, Committee member

Points 3 & 5 amended at AGM December 2015